About Us

Preserving Hot Rod History is our Passion

What to learn

Through education and exposure to the unique circumstances, elements, and people that came together to produce this thing called hot rodding, we hope to spread the word that what was first thought to be a delinquent's form of rebellion has ultimately shaped our society much for the better. Such things as technology, music, and fashion, have all been effected by this movement, and the innovations made by these "kids" are things we all use everyday in our lives and especially our daily transportation.

How to learn it

Nearly 15 years ago we began our Hot Rod Pioneers film interview project and it is something we're particularly proud of. Every interview is special to us and we are honored that these legends of the past and present have been willing to sit down and share their time and stories. We hope you'll enjoy sampling some of these interviews and going back in time to hear how it really was from the very people who were there.

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Our Story is a Living Thing!

The American Hot Rod Foundation is made up of hot rodders and land speed racers who want everyone to experience and enjoy real hot rodding as we do. Fortunately for all of us, there are more great events popping up every day celebrating traditional hot rodding. We will not only cover and discuss these events but will be involved in many of them as well. We feel it is important that this tradition be a living thing and that early hot rod technology be used and demonstrated in ways similar to what our original hot rod pioneers experienced. Check in with us often for our coverage of all things "living" in the world of old school hot rodding!