2017 Has Been a Great Year for the AHRF!

We want to thank all of you who continue to support, follow, and cheer on the work that we do. Every aspect of the AHRF showed strong growth throughout the year and that includes thousands of new images that have been saved and added to our archive. Enjoy this overview of what has been a very productive year and thank you again for supporting The American Hot Rod Foundation.

The AHRF Image Archive Continues To Grow

New collections of photos and artifacts from the pioneering days of early hot rodding continue to be offered to the AHRF for preservation. Each historic item that comes our way is researched, catalogued, and ( in the case of historic photographs ) cleaned or restored before having information from our research effort attached to it. We would like to thank the following people or their friends and family for entrusting the AHRF with the preservation of their historic images:

  • Sam Dockery
  • Chris Echart
  • Chris Farren
  • Ralph Guldahl
  • Howard Hudson
  • Earl Mansel
  • Bob and Sharon Muravez
  • Don Prieto
  • Doug Robinson
  • Jim Schofield
  • Bob Sorrell
  • David Steele
  • Tom Stewart
  • Don Tuttle
  • Jim Vrabel
  • Jeff White
  • Don Zabel

Photo Collections

The typical historic collection that is offered to the Foundation is archived in between collections that have to be returned promptly. This has our archivist, Jim Miller, working very long hours and with never a dull moment! Amazingly, Jim has been able to clean, scan, and digitally file over 4,000 images so far this year. In addition to this, 6,000 historic photos are currently in the AHRF queue waiting to be archived and preserved. Jim follows a meticulous process of identifying, if possible, every person pictured in a photo, along with every car, event, location, buildings, and so forth, all the while pulling photos from our archives, and checking periodicals and books, to verify facts and approximate dates and make other connections. The more photos we gather, the more certain we can become regarding the history of a given person, car, race or other event, car construction detail, and so forth. For Jim, given the Miller family’s incredible involvement in hot rodding and racing, it’s a dream job. That must be why he puts in crazy hours!