Steve & Carol Memishian

Founding Directors

Stephen (Steve) Memishian is a former mechanical engineer, management consultant and motion picture executive who eventually found his way to Wall Street and now manages money at DSM Capital Partners in New York. Steve sketched deuce coupes and roadsters on his high school notebooks but doesn’t remember seeing any in Winchester Massachusetts in the 1950’s and ‘60’s. When he finally got into hot rodding much later in life (and boy, did he get into it!), he was shocked to find that no one had recorded the histories of hot rodding’s amazing pioneers. That immediately led to Steve, his wife Carol, and his brother Jack committing to start up and support the American Hot Rod Foundation. 

Carol Memishian, Steve’s wife, is an interior designer who also sells collectibles in a little shop called the Secret Garden. As a collector, Carol is fascinated by the history of hot rodding and by the people who built and raced their cars before it was popular to do so. She believes that recording the pioneers’ stories and properly archiving their photos and memorabilia is of the highest priority. 

John (Jack) Memishian, Steve’s brother, is a senior analog circuitry designer at Analog Devices in Cambridge, Massachusetts. To this day, Steve doesn’t understand how Jack does what he does, but he knows he loves old cars and... collectible guitars! Jack enjoys building robots and mechanisms and he is impressed with the mechanical ingenuity of the early hot rodders. He believes hot rodding is a uniquely American story that must be preserved and told to future generations.