Bobby Meeks

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“Rules are made to be broken” could have been Bobby Meek’s motto. As one of the most prolific and successful engine builders in hot rod history, Bobby Meeks stands with the best of them when it comes to ingenuity. As Vic Edelbrock Sr’s protégé and head wrench, Meeks was the man behind the success of the Pierson bros Coupe and the So-cal streamliner in 1949, to name only a few.   His use of nitro methane with flatheads revolutionized dry lakes racing. No one could keep up with Meeks and the Edelbrock team. Not wanting to let anyone know what he was using, Bobby tried every trick in the book to disguise the smell. He even experimented with nitro and gunpowder. The rule book on racing was there to be challenged every inch of the way and Bobby Meeks did that with conviction of a true genius.