Harry Hibler

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Having graduated from high school at the age of 16 Harry Hibler's promptly got on a bus and made his way to the hart of hot rodding. Arriving in southern California in 1951, Harry was soon seen driving and racing a 1941 Ford. While he found excitement in street racing-- often racing from San Fernando to Bakersfield and back for pink slips-- a visit to Santa Ana drag Strip introduced him to a world that would dominate the rest of his life.

It was a golden era of racing where a 16 year old boy could compete with legends such as Art Chrisman, Dick Kraft and the Bean Bandits.

Harry's success caught the eye of the Ghost riders club and he was quickly inducted into their ranks. while Harry and fellow club members built many cars, he really found his niche driving other people's dragsters. Understanding that drag racing was here to stay, Harry soon opened up the San Fernando Drag Strip, a highly successful venture that lasted for many years.

when it comes to hot rodding it seems that Harry has done it all. His involvement in, and promotion of the sport--from Drag promoter to publisher of Hot Rod Magazine- has made "Hand Grenade" Harry a legend not just amongst drag racers but all racers throughout the country.