Jack Calori

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JACK CALORI is probably most famous for his stunning ’36 Ford Coupe that appeared on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine. It was the first chopped ’36 3-window to use the 39 LaSalle grille and had ’40 Chevy headlights molded to the fenders. With its Buick teardrop skirts and 41’ Hudson tail lights Calori could not help but turn heads. He originally bought it to tow his ’29 hi-boy to the lakes. The 29 roadster, while holding a few records stood out from the crowd with its dual pipes coming up the side of the car past the doors (see pics).

 As a young kid in 1939 Jack remembers his first run on the lakes: “…as I pull up to the line to go I looked over to my right at starting and there were three bodies covered with a sheet. Well, my legs were already shaking from my first experience.  And it didn't help any.  I went through and my best time that was which, uh, in those days I won 101 with, uh, 4-cylinder and that was a respectable speed.”