Jack Underwood

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When you have a father whose idea of a weekend outing is a trip to El Mirage or Santa Ana, you cannot fail to fall in love with hot rodding. From as far back as Jack can remember, hot rodding has always been an integral part of his life.

At the age of 14 Jack got his first roadster. His childhood was consumed with drag racing and the dry lakes. In 1955 Jack and his dad made a pilgrimage to Bonneville with their roadster where Jack turned 136.96 mph. There was no turning back.

 Jack Underwood is known throughout the hot rodding community as the SCTA historian, a well deserved reputation for a man who cares passionately about preserving and promoting this wonderful history. You can still find Jack each morning holding court in his museum/library/garage, bench racing and B-Sing with fellow old timers.