Jeano Lacoste

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Born in San Francisco, Jeano Lacoste found himself emersed in hot rodding culture from an early age. at the age of 24 he had customized a 49 Mercury which would exhibit in the Oakland Roaster Show the following year.

soon he was finding himself down on the great highway street racing and testing out his three window coupe. Soon drag racing had spread from LA to San Francisco and Jeano was quick to get involved. Jim McLennan's strip at Half Moon Bay was the new proving ground for hot rodders.

In 1955 Jeano purchased a 32 roaster off Pat Berardini. On his way back up to the Bay Area he stopped at Saugus and broke the record, turning over 115 MPH. Next day he was at Salinas and again broke the record. The car, named 404 because of the 404 Isky cam, was to become one of the best competitors in the field. At ever strip from Fremont to Half Moon Bay, Jeano and the 404 would beat the record.