Ak Miller

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One of the most prolific hot rodders of his generation, Ak Miller has been involved with almost everything to do with the birth of the sport. From helping Wally Parks with the creation of the NHRA to the Safety Safari and SCTA, Ak has become a legend in his own right.

At the age of 14, Ak Miller souped up a 28 Chevy roaster powered with a 4-banger and clocked 95 mph at Muroc. After that first experience he was hooked.

Ak fought in the Battle of the Bulge and ended up in a British hospital. wasting no time he soon started collecting speed parts from British cars, including a Roots blower that would give him much success back home. On his return, Ak immersed himself into hot rodding, becoming a key player in every aspect of the sport. He was elected president of the SCTA and continued to set records with his hot rods such as the rear-engined Missile (Bonneville 168mph) and 27 T roaster that collected 3 records. He was a participant in the Mexican Road Race, beating out many Porches and Ferraris with his hopped up Model T roadster and often competed in the Pike's Peak Hill Climb.

After a brief retirement from racing at the age of 57, Ak was back on the salt attempting to get into the 200 MPH Club. In his Crosley, powered by a 265-ci Chevy engine, Ak accomplished that feat—at the age of 72!