Ed Iskenderian

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The legendary “Camfather” got his start working for the master of camgrinding, Ed Winfield.  After a few years as an apprentice, Isky borrowed a couple of hundred bucks, bought himself cylindrical grinder and added a cam grinding attachment to it. With his beautiful T body roaster, Isky was a regular at the lakes, even before the war.

Early on, Isky found  a market with East Coast NASCAR drivers, not to mention Southern bootleggers looking to outrun the law. Always looking for ways to promote his cams, Isky advertised as The Camfather under the slogan “Winners use Isky Cams”.  Hungry for publicity and sales boosts, Isky would give his cams for free to the rising drag strip stars. He also gave names to his cams such as the Polydyne 505 Magnum, the “404” and the Superleggera 550.

Today, Isky continues to produce cams with over 60 people employed in his Gardena facility. He is as much a figure at the lakes now has he was in the 30’s and 40’s, holding court and dispensing valuable advice to young enthusiasts.